Principle Infra Projects Ltd (PIPL) is a research & management driven company catering to the housing needs of the country. PIPL as a group, is a promoter & investor company in housing & residential projects across India wherein we identify good location on the basis of convenience, investment value & population wise demand of houses in the tire1 tire2 cities of India. PIPL is a specialist in providing ready to move houses & a pioneer in providing houses @ cost price. PIPL is the only company in the country who is equipped to provide custom designed pre furnished & interior done houses at the current market price that is included in the total cost of the houses, enabling our customers more value at no extra cost. A strong team from the real estate sector pooling many years of experience & expertise in terms of defining location, in-house design company, civil contracting company, interior & furniture manufacturing company & a dedicated online marketing platform gives PIPL an edge to deliver world class product at a price that none can compare. PIPL humbly presents itself as a non speculative superior product & service provider of genuine & class houses for the growing demand of houses in India.




Principle Infra Projects Ltd (PIPL) has not only defined an entry for the investor but also has defined the forward supply chain offering him an exit with value proposition to the end buyer.

PIPL has multiple platforms for marketing of the Investor Products via its propreitory domains namely,




Investment in

Real Estate