What is AIRE™ alternate investment in real estate?


Investment by definition is the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income or appreciation in value. For decades investments in real estate have been flair of the chosen few who had an investable surplus that was invested in real estate and value of the property appreciated with time. Investing in real estate in today's scenario is still controlled by a very small percentage of participants as compared to the population of the country. Due to the huge entry cost in real estate, majority of the mid level HNI investors have avoided taking a direct exposure in real estate and preferred other classes of investments like stocks, bonds & commodities.

PIPL identified the need of a majority of HNI & first generation investors aggressively pursuing investments in real estate and forged out non-conventional options suiting their need of security and returns that formed the basis of “ALTERNATE INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE”(AIRE™).

AIRE™ is an arrangement or a deal between an Investor & Builder/Developer of real estate wherein the Investor invests or participates with his capital in the Builder/Developers project at various stages as and how predetermined or agreed upon by the Investor & Builder/Developer within the legal frame work of the project.

Housing is an economy driver .Our economy is based on our ability to house people. Alternate investment in real estate in India is at a very nascent stage where demand for housing units will remain constant for many decades. AIRE™ will be the driving force to provide support for the housing needs of the country providing a huge market size for all participants in this format of investing.

We are the only company that specializes and provides many credible & secure options in the Alternate investment in real estate class. We are the only company who has organized the sector on a national basis and put it on a neutral platform open for all participant investors to benefit.




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