Q. What is the process of participating in the company’s Aire?

A. Go through the investment options thoroughly, decide on which options to choose. If you require consultation fix an appointment. Once decided on the option, follow procedure as guided by our executive as different process for different products.


Q. What is the legality of the projects we invest?

A. All the projects are sanctioned by the governing & regulatory authority of the region.


Q. Do we need to pay upfront?

A. It depends on the investment option that you choose. LLP module does not require all the payment upfront, however a commitment of 2% of investable amount is collected for completing due diligence from all the participants. In other investment options depending on the stages all payment can be made.


Q. What do we get as documentation?

A. Purchase agreements as per regular buy & sell of properties registered with competent authorities. In LLP module the investor is partner in the company and the titles of the property is with the company.


Q. Who will manage the project?

A. PIPL runs a state of the art professional BIM software for planning, scheduling & monitoring of projects . A management team from PIPL overlooks & monitors the civil contractor’s execution as per schedule on site on a daily basis & submits reports to the project head of PIPL.


Q. Who undertakes sales & marketing of the projects?

A. PIPL owns & runs an online marketing platform specializing in selling pre-furnished houses. Apart from the traditional marketing & advertising programs PIPL has a huge network of referral agents who contribute to the database generation of individuals looking for buying houses, a one of its kind in the industry.


Q. Does the investor need permission to sell their investments?

A. After investing, the asset is owned by the investor. Selling their investments is solely the investor’s choice like any other real estate buying or selling & does not require approvals from PIPL.




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